2500A Jump Starter Jstar 4

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  • Fast start you dead car with powerful 2500A peak current, suitable for up to 8.0L gas & 7.5L diesel engine.
  • Not only start 12V vehicles like car, SUV, pick-up, truck and motorcycle, but also boat, snowmobile and even lawn mower.
  • With 2 USB-A outputs and 1 Type-C output, working as power bank to charge your smart devices like phones and tablets. Packed with a wireless charger for charging smartphone wirelessly, 
  • Bright LED flashlight with 3 lighting modes, convenient for use at night.
  • Comes with compass and safety hammer.

2500A Jump Starter Jstar 4

Portable but powerful, start your dead vehicle anytime anywhere.

Portable But Powerful

Featuring 2500A peak current, Jstar 4 is capable of starting your vehicle up to 30 times per charge, suitable for up to 8.0L gasoline and 7.0L diesel vehicles.

Power Your Devices

With a high capacity battery and two USB output ports (Including one QC3.0 port), Jstar 4 can charge multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, action cameras and more.

10W Wireless Charging

Built-in 10W wireless charger, it provides you a convenient and wireless way to charge your smartphones, especially with no USB cables nearby.

Multi-Mode LED Flashlight

The bright LED flashlight comes with three light modes, including Normal, SOS, Strobe modes.

Smart Clamp With LED Display

The smart clamp features advanced safety protection system, likes overload protection, over current protection, over voltage protection and more. Equipped with LED display to show real-time working status makes it easier and safer to use.

Served As Emergency Tools

Jstar 4 can be not only served as safety hammer to shatter vehicle windows in an emergency but also compass to protect you from being lost.