1. Is the jump starter suitable for my vehicle?
Your car bettery voltage should be 12 volt, and the engine power should be under the listed max engine power.
Jstar Mini: 6.0L gas / 4.5L diesel.
Jstar One: 8.0L gas / 6.5L diesel.
Jstar 3: 7.0L gas / 6.0L diesel.
Jstar 4: 8.0L gas / 7.0L diesel.
Jstar 5: 8.0L gas / 6.5L diesel.
Jstar 6: 7.0L gas / 6.0L diesel.

2. Can jump starter charge car battery?
No. It’s unable to charge the car battery.

3. Why the jump starter doesn’t work?
Jump starter can only start your car when the car battery is dead.
In other conditions, such as car battery or alternator is broken, the jump starter will not work.

4. Can jump starter be used for an electric car?
No. It can’t.

5. Should the jump starter be fully charge before starting vehicle?
No. You don’t have to. But you should charge it more than 50% battery to start your car for emergency.

6. Why I can’t charge the jump starter fully?
If you cannot charge the jump starter fully, please run out of the remaining battery and charge form 0%. If it doesn’t work, please change the charging adapter, recommended to use your smartphone’s charger.

7. Where can I buy smart battery clamp for replacement?
Please contact and inform us of your country and product model.

8. What kind of tire be inflated with Jstar 5 or Jstar 6?
You can fully inflate 185/70R tires in 3-5 minutes by using Jstar 5 or Jstar 6. They are able to inflate tires of car, SUV, minivan, Pick-up, and small truck.
Maximum air pressure: Jstar 5 is 150 PSI / 10.34 Bar; Jstar 6 is 120 PSI / 8.27 Bar.

9. Why does the Jstar 5 and Jstar 6 stop inflating automatically?
Because Jstar 5 and Jstar 6 comes with a safety protection for high temperature. So it will auto stop when it's overheating. You need to wait for 10 minutes to let it cool down be reuse.

10. Will car tire be over inflated?
Jstar 5 and Jstar 6 will automatically stop inflating when reaching to the preset air pressure. Please check the standard tire pressure of your car tire before inflating.