4-IN-1 Jump Starter With Air Compressor JS-6
4-IN-1 Jump Starter With Air Compressor JS-6
4-IN-1 Jump Starter With Air Compressor JS-6
4-IN-1 Jump Starter With Air Compressor JS-6
4-IN-1 Jump Starter With Air Compressor JS-6

4-IN-1 Jump Starter With Air Compressor JS-6

Precio de venta
  • Not only start 12V vehicles like car, SUV, pick-up, truck and motorcycle, but also boat, snowmobile and even lawn mower.
  • Built-in 120 PSI air compressor, Inflating your flat car tires in minutes.
  • With 2 USB outputs, working as power bank to charge your smart devices like phones and tablets.
  • Packed with 1 car socket output, JS-6 is capable of powering 12V automative aplliances.
  • Super bright LED flashlight with 3 lighting modes, convenient for use at night.

4-in-1 1800A Jump Starter JS-6

Jump Starter, Air Compressor, Power Bank, and LED Flashlight build a 4-in-1 all-rounder JS-6. Packed in the trunk, it’ll save you time, money and space.

Unique 4-IN-1 Design Makes Your Driving Unstoppable

6 Outstanding Advantages

Start At Once

UTRAI JS-6 with 1800Amp peak current, start your vehicle at once. More power, no brainer!

Extraordinary High-rate Lithium Battery

Unique high-rate lithium battery, capable of discharging currents up to 1800Amp to start dead vehicle. Make light work of starting your vehicles.

Fit Most 12V Engines

1800Amp peak current makes it a cinch to start up to 7L gas / 6L diesel engines like car, SUV, Pick-up, van, motorcycle, snowmobile, and lawn mower.

Start Even It’s Cold

Wide working temperature of -20℃~60℃,store JS-6 in the trunk, start your vehicles whether in the cold morning or at hot summer.

Real Battery Capacity, No Cheating

Real 59.2Wh battery capacity, no cheating like other jump starters, It can start your dead car 30 times in a single charge.

Inflate On the Go

Up to 150PSI air pressure and 30L/min inflating flow, fully inflate a 185 / 70R14 tire in 5mins. Powerful enough to inflate different tires, balls, swimming rings, air beds, etc.

One for More

59.2Wh high capacity battery and 3 valve adapters, enable to refill your different inflatables in multiple times.

Stable Inflating Performance

Built-in copper motor and aluminium cylinder, real solid and sturdy material,

which ensures a powerful and stable inflation performance.

Double Cooling System

Come with double cooling system of cooling fan and heat vents, faster heat dissipation when inflating, it prevents overheating to protect JS-6 and your car.

Air Hose Won’t Be Lost

The all-in-one and air hose hidden design, making the air hose tidy, neat, organized, and never lost! Avoid twisting it when not in use.

Clear at a Glance

LED Display Screen shows the battery level, air pressure and output power. Make it easy and clear to check the working status at a glance, no matter day or night.

Relieve Battery Anxiety

With 2 USB output ports, 1 car socket, and high capacity up to 59.2Wh, power your smart phone, tablet, camera, corded vacuum cleaner, small car refrigerator anytime.

Beat Annoying Cords

Come with the unique car socket output port, beats annoying cords of 12V auto equipment and hard-to-reach car outlets. Use your car vacuum cleaner or refrigerator even out of car or hard-to-reach spots.

Intelligent UTRAI Chip

Smart BMS (battery management system) automatically manages charging and discharging, providing safe and stable power input or output. Protect your car and your personal safety.

Smart NTC Protection

Built-in NTC temperature protection system, it will monitor battery temperature in real time to prevent the inner battery from overheating, spontaneous combustion and explosion.

Light The Dark

With 3W super bright LED light, more bright than ordinary jump starter. 3 lighting modes, it can be used for lighting or SOS help.

Easy To Use

3 Steps Easy To Inflate