Super Capacitor Jump Starter X1
Super Capacitor Jump Starter X1
Super Capacitor Jump Starter X1
Super Capacitor Jump Starter X1
Super Capacitor Jump Starter X1
Super Capacitor Jump Starter X1

Super Capacitor Jump Starter X1

  • L'esclusiva tecnologia del supercondensatore, che non necessita di una regolare precarica come le normali batterie al litio, consente di avviare rapidamente il veicolo in 3 minuti.
  • Più sicuro e affidabile. Il supercondensatore non prende fuoco, non si gonfia e non esplode in condizioni di alta temperatura, caduta o scuotimento. Non preoccupatevi quando riponete Jstar X1 nella vostra auto anche in estate.
  • 1000A di corrente di picco, adatto per motori diesel da 8.0L e gas da 7.5L.
  • Avvia facilmente il tuo veicolo morto anche in inverno. Non rimanete mai più bloccati nel freddo inverno.

Super Capacitor Jump Starter X1

Battery Free. Super Safe. Always Ready to Start!

Unique Super Capacitor Technology

Different from the ordianry lithium battery jump starters, X1 doesn’t use lithium battery but super capacitors. When super capacitor is fully charged, it will quickly drain to 0 within 24 hours, so it won’t catch fire, bulge and explode under high temperature, dropping or shaking conditions. Free you from worry when store X1 in your car even in hot summer.

More Than Just Starting Cars

It can start most of 12V engines. Enable to start different vehicles like car, SUV, RV, Pick-up, motorcycle, snowmobile, and even lawn mower.

3 Mins Quick Recharge for Jump-start

No need to recharge for hours in advance like lithium battery. X1 can fully recharge from your car battery in 3 mins then start your car. More convenient than battery jump starters, always ready to start your vehicle anytime anywhere.

Completely Dead? Worry-free!

Even when your car battery is completely dead and unable to charge X1, you can charge X1 by USB-C and DC port or other car battery.

Smart Multiple Protections

Using the jumper cable sometimes will cause sparks and damage to the car battery due to improper operation. X1 comes with smart multiple protections, it will automatically trigger safety protection and issue reminders when detects short circuit, high voltage, overload and more to protect your safety and car battery.

Hit The Road Freely Even In Winter

The dead car causes you to be late for work in winter morning? X1 can start your dead car even in cold freezing winter. Never get stuck in cold winter again.

Hassle-free Maintenance

Super capacitors doesn’t need to regularly charge and discharge to maintain battery performance like lithium battery. Just put it in your car, save you the hassle of maintenance.

Built to Last

The capacity and performance of lithium battery will degrade over time, it generally have a lifespan of 3-5 years. But super capacitor won’t degrade over time, it often can be used for more than 10 yeas.

Always at Your Fingertips

X1 is easy to carry and store in trunk, glove box and door storage compartment. Start your vehicle anytime anywhere!

Easily Start in 3 Steps

No need to wait for roadside assistance. "Plug, Clip and Start", it takes only 3 steps to quickly start your car on your own.